A couple getting ice cream in Las Colinas.

Top Ice Cream Shops Around Allura Las Colinas Apartments

Any time is ice cream time, and for those lucky enough to call our Las Colinas apartments home, a world of creamy delights awaits just around the corner. Whether you crave something new and outlandish or yearn for the comfort of traditional favorites, the area around Allura Las Colinas offers an ice cream haven for every palate. Let’s dive into the coolest spots for frozen treats nearby.


Marble Slab Creamery

A stone’s throw from our community, the Marble Slab Creamery presents a heavenly selection of ice creams, mixed with a variety of toppings on a cold slab, alongside signature sundaes, and luscious milkshakes. Customize your sweet feast to perfection by checking out their offerings on the Marble Slab Creamery website.



For a unique twist, Creamistry is the go-to for liquid nitrogen ice cream available in over 50 flavors. Find both dairy and vegan options, ranging from Cookie Butter to Ruby Cacao. They also offer cakes, shakes, and signature specialties. For a complete flavor adventure, explore their offerings on the Creamistry website.



For those who swear by classics, Baskin-Robbins is less than six miles away, serving up its famous flavors, shakes, and more. Explore their full menu and order online through the Baskin-Robbins website.



Since 1968, Braum’s has been crafting delightful ice cream treats. Famous for their sundaes, they also offer a broad range of sweet options. Check out the blissful combinations online, and view the menus on the Braum’s website.


Mary’s Fried/Rolled Ice Cream

For an extraordinary dessert experience, Mary’s Fried Ice Cream offers a unique take with fried ice cream, ice cream rolls, and shaved ice. A gem within a 15-minute radius from Allura Las Colinas, it draws inspiration from Thailand, providing an unforgettable icy treat. Discover all of Mary’s sweet inventions on their website.


With such a splendid array of ice cream shops around, residents of our Las Colinas apartments are truly spoiled for choice. Visit Allura Las Colinas and embark on your flavor-filled journey today.

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